Ah, Bridestowe… of the bright purple fields stretching endlessly, not a soul in sight…

Kind of.

So because I live in Hobart and Bridestowe is up Launceston way, it was time for a ‘road trip’!!! Except the drive is only three or so hours… the joys of living in a small state! We still decided to make a weekend of it because why not.  We found a small campsite with waterfalls and an alpaca farm, we stayed the night there and got up bright and early to drive the twenty minute drive to the lavender farm.


Here’s a few tips for getting the lavender fields dream shot!

Tip Number 1: Bridestowe opens at 9 am on a Sunday and closes at 4pm, so for starters we’re starting off on the wrong foot, photography wise. The best time to shoot is sunrise and sunset for those beautiful shadows and long golden rays. This also applies if you are shooting with models.

If you’re a professional photographer keen on getting the perfect shot, my recommendation is to slide into those instagram DMs. They don’t seem to mind letting serious photographers in at odd times, but since my instagram wasn’t very professional at the time (I had a lot of holiday beach shots up) I didn’t think they would take my request seriously. Which is fair enough really, since from a business perspective you would want nice shots of stair trails and gold and purple sunrises. It’s unlikely you would get that from the girl whose last instagram post was her doing acro in a bikini on the beach!

So the TL;DR version of that rambling paragraph: to get the money shot of the lavender fields at sunrise, be a serious photographer and message their instagram page asking about the possibility.


Tip Number 2: Visit first thing in the morning and start walking.

There aren’t many visitors in the morning. From what I remember, the tour buses began appearing around 11am. Most of these people won’t walk more than a few metres into the rows of lavender before they start taking photos, but they will likely still be in the background of your photos. So go early, and get your shots before the selfies start! There’s a lot of selfies.

Tip Number 3: Watch their instagram page and have a relatively free schedule.

We visited a week after the flowers were reportedly in full bloom. It could be photoshop, it could be luck, but they definitely didn’t appear as purple as I thought they would. A few tourists mentioned it to the staff, who did say it was no longer peak season and that’s why the flowers were fading. But that one week makes a difference. So be ready for that one weekend!!


Tips four and five aren’t to do with photography, I’m afraid. But I think they’re very relevant.

Tip Number 4: Stay hydrated, fam. Seriously. The heat becomes intense towards the middle of the day so having a hat and water will make a world of difference to your comfort.

And Tip Number 5! Don’t bother with the bubble tea. Lavender ice cream is to die for, I’m sure the cakes are fantastic but unfortunately the bubble tea was nothing to write home about. I’m such an avid bubble tea drinker that I got very excited when I saw they sold bubble tea.

My recommendation? Buy yourself the ice cream and sit under that sprawling oak and soak up the taste and smell of lavender.


Overall I enjoyed the visit. I got a few lovely photos, as pictured, I got a delicious ice cream that I think is becoming my new favourite flavour and I had a great day exploring with my partner. These are just a few tips to make your photography and your experience a little more enjoyable!

*~ I hope these tips are helpful!~*