Where did 2018 go? I can’t believe it’s the first of December in two days! When did that happen?


Up at Lake Cootharaba

2018 has been a rollercoaster. I started the year living in Brisbane, stressed over my job and looking at moving in with my partner. At the time, he was working a FIFO schedule: fly in-fly out work in mines up north. He had just finished university and I had finally decided to call hospitality quits due to a lack of stability. There’s nothing that helps you grow into yourself like a year of insecurity over whether I would make rent as well as afford to feed myself for another week. I was done. As the end of my lease grew closer, I grew more anxious over money and stressed over finding a place, and happened to fall sick around this time. Fortunately, my partner’s parents were incredibly generous and kind in allowing me to move into their home. It was around this time that I started sending out resumes and with the help of friends, managed to get a job at a local childcare. This job was fantastic in confirming the path I wanted, and even though it was demanding in ways I hadn’t anticipated, I learnt so much that I’m incredibly grateful for.

My partner was also sending out resumes. Upon the end of his fifo contract, he was looking for graduate positions and undertook the employment process of a job 2,500 kilometres away. He left to start his new job the day after my birthday. I had recently committed to a local community scout show (I had been doing shows for two years at this point) and had just begun my new job a month earlier: I didn’t feel like I had the option of moving just yet. We made plans for me to move down in four months.


The Gold Coast Skyline, seen from Currumbin

So there I was. Living in my partner’s family home without him, in a new job, studying online and entirely unsure of the future. I knew I was moving to a state I had never been in, away from my family and family, away from projects I had started and activities I enjoyed doing with my friends. I needed the support of everyone more than ever.

I found that I started holding back from making new friends and focused on deepening the friendship ties I already had. I really enjoyed the rehearsals and focused on having fun. I’m not the best dancer (that’s an understatement) but I enjoy having a laugh, doing some singing and getting some roles. I developed more in my acro and was often chosen for lifts or dances that required someone little (I was one of the smallest over-eighteens!). However, like with any group of people, you run into some tension or have some problems. When you add social politics to work stress and anxiety over instability, it never ends well.

Exploring Freycinet on a cloudy day

Exploring Freycinet on a cloudy day

My mother says it was ‘serendipity’.

  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I wasn’t running away from my stress or anxiety. While I had fun in my show with my friends, and I caught up with close friends and family in the month before I moved, I was ready to move on. I needed the somewhat unpleasant environment that was developing to help me be ready to move interstate. I had helped my partner find a unit for us to live in and I had visited once… enough to fall in love with the state and have it encourage me. I moved down, and we celebrated our fifth year anniversary about a month later.


Exploring my new suburb

Once I had moved, everything seemed to click into place. The financial worries melted away when I got a job, which I am still enjoying. I am still working in childcare and people there seem to think well of me, thankfully. I am so lucky to be in scouts. I have connected to the scout group near me and am making friends with cool people. My partner has his hobbies and I have connected with the show down here, helping to write it this time and still throwing myself around a bit in acro.

I have moved 2x in the past year.
I have spent half the year in a long-distance relationship.
I have taken six flights in the past six months.
I have visited three states in the past six months.
I have had three jobs.

Honestly, I just feel like that has been a very busy year! A lot has happened, and I have learnt a lot. We are flying back to Brisbane for two weeks over Christmas and New Year (byeeee money!) where I’ll be able to see most of my friends (except the ones away! Like the one in America!) and I’m probably not going to survive the heat… I’ve acclimatized to the 18 degree days!! I can’t face 30+Degrees Celcius!


It’s a bit chilly

Now for the bit you might care about:

Travel Plans!!

Christmas is being spent in Brisbane and the Gold Coast this Year.

Elephant Rock in the light of sunset, and the many footprints leading towards it.

Elephant Rock in the light of sunset, and the many footprints leading towards it.

In February, we have booked flights for ten days in Honolulu for a family member’s birthday: Hawaii 5-0! On the list of things to do:

Helicopter ride
Dole Plantation
Obviously the Polynesian Cultural Centre
Swimming with turtles

And of course, FOOD! But that’s a whole separate list!


Baby Turtles are hard to photograph! This is an old Thailand photo

In September, the plans are in the works for Greece and Italy! On the list of things to do:


I have been to Greece and Italy before, but the two I am travelling with haven’t been. We’re going to be complete tourists, but I am keen on seeing sites such as Pisa, Meteora, and the Greek Islands, as I haven’t been.


I’ll probably do a blog post soon with a plan of what we’re doing in Hawaii, and later Greece/Italy. At the moment I am just enjoying and exploring Tasmania and all it has to offer. Bye for now!

*~Has your year gone fast or slowly?~*