I pull the rope in tight and allow the breeze to fill the sail, picking up speed. It’s exhilarating. The icy wind stings my face and causes my eyes to tear, my hair flying and lashing around my face. The swell brings the boat up and gravity slams it back down. I go up on one hull and speed along to my heart’s content, leaning almost horizontal to the water to balance the boat. This is the part of sailing I love most.

Recently I stumbled across a little boathouse on the river that was just adorable. (Do you call them boathouses? I’m honestly not too sure if that’s the real name!)

An idea began forming, resulting in my playing dressup on the beach with a self-timer, a tripod, and a lot of curious glances from onlookers.




Photography is something I enjoy doing. My friends can attest, having modeled for some interesting art projects at school and forever having me take totally flattering candids of them. A family member put a camera in my hands on a trip to Fraser Island, leading to a major longing for a DSLR. I played around with photography at school and was incredibly snap-happy on vacations.

My main issue with DSLRs is their weight. As much as I love mine, it had a bit of a break from serious photography for a year or so due to my concern about carrying it hiking and around waterfalls. It was easier to use my phone camera that could be slipped out of my pocket and securely held than struggling across boulders with a camera bag slung across my shoulder.

I’m really hoping to rekindle the love I had, and what better way than to learn more about it?



I’m also really playing around with my style lately, since moving to a colder climate, and have managed to thrift some fun clothes that I put together for this little lookbook/ootd post.



Corduroy pants were $20 from Bellerive Salvos.
Scarf and Hat were both from Vinnies Mary Street, and cost me under $20 for both.
My shirt was an old thermal shirt from 2012, and my boater shoes were also purchased new around that time.
My rings have been accumulated over the years, and I won the little telescope in a sailing contest when I was nine years old (excuse the brag!).



It was surprisingly fun to mess around with a camera at the little boathouse. As a child, if there had been a boathouse attached to my house, I probably would’ve spent a lot of my time collecting shells and rocks and pretending to be a mermaid (Or that I was Ocean Girl… does anyone remember that old TV show?)



I hope you enjoyed this, a little bit fun and a little bit different. It’s a lot of fun to live out little daydreams.


*~   A sailor went to sea sea sea to see what he could see see see but all that he could see see see was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea!    ~*